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Nutrition + Health

What is Nutrition?

Optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life. Having the tools to nourish yourself and your family, to control your weight and to live with vitality I feel are essential.

Today, with all sorts of dietary trends and food related health scares, it is harder than ever to understand what you should eat for your best health.

Whether your goal is weight loss, improving your sports performance, optimising your families health or just to have a better understanding, I can support you.

I can give you the tools to achieve and maintain a healthy relationship with food and understand how to build healthy and sustainable habits.

With a combination of face to face appointments and regular phone or email check ins, I can guide and support you.

> More Energy

> Weight Loss

> Better Sleep

> Better Mental Health

> Heart Health

> Lower Blood Pressure

> Reduced Risk of Disease

> Better Mood

Our Nutrition Packages

OnCore Nutrition £45
Single 60 min appointment, for assessment, advice or a supermarket education trip.

OnCore Optimal £200
12-week programme with 3 face to face 60 min appointments with weekly email check-ins.

OnCore Enhanced £250
12-week programme – weekly face to face appointments, initially 60 min assessment with 15 min follow-ups.

OnCore Group £100
12-week programme – small group with similar goals (weight loss or sports nutrition), 60 minutes per week.

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